Friday, 27 December 2019

Inspiring TV Commercial #1

When I watch this commercial, I'm reminded that...

1. Everyone is unique.

2. Just because someone is different and does not conform to the " standard template", it doesn't mean that the person is bad and/or useless.

3. We should always be kind towards other people, even when the person couldn't benefit us in return.

4. Persistence...persistence...persistence :-) Don't give up!

5. Patience is very hard to practice, but is very rewarding in the end.

6. When we give without expecting anything in return, the outcome may surprise us in a good way.

7. Giving is the best gift we can give ourselves.

8. Help may come in various different forms, and sometimes from people or sources we least expected.

9. Love is the universal language that transcends race, colour, creed, and culture.

And a beautiful message towards the end of this commercial:

"People who work out of love, everyone can see their true value." - eventually.

Is there anything that I've missed?
Please always feel free to comment! :-)


  1. Inspiring indeed. Kuat semangat dia 💪🏻😎

    Tiba2 lapaq somtam aih, terlioq tengok somtam dia buat..😆

  2. Kat sini memang susah betoi nak jumpa somtam heee


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* comic strip courtesy of The Muslim Show